NorCal Pecan Harvesting Step 1: Tree shaking to drop the green pecans

NorCal Pecan Harvesting Step 4: Loading raw pecans into trailers for our processing plant

NorCal Pecan Harvesting Step 2: Sweeping shook pecans into windrows

NorCal Pecan Harvesting Step 5: Hulling and washing in our processing plant

NorCal Pecan Harvesting Step 3: Picking up the windrows of green pecans

NorCal Pecan Harvesting Step 6: Inspected and clean pecans arriving at drier bins

Pecan and walnut processing

Like any agricultural product, there are many little steps that need to be carefully accomplished to bring pecans from the trees to the table.

At NCPI, LLC, we’ve built our processing facility over the years with the most modern, high-quality machines available. We staff them with highly trained workers ready to sort and ensure quality control on every level. After we grow them, we offer 4 main categories of nut business: pecan hulling & drying, pecan inshell processing, pecan inshell marketing, and walnut hulling and drying.



Once we shake the trees, and run the rows, the pecan hulls are mostly off, and the nuts are left to dry for the first round. Moisture content is always very important, and we are very conscious about retaining the perfect amount of moisture for the perfect amount of quality and flavor. Then we scoop them up (what a dusty job!) and get them to processing right away. Time to get them to the loader.



Once the hulls are off and the nuts have had their first drying session, we move them to the loader which takes the pecans up to the start of our processing equipment building. Here they drop into a massive machine to get washed, then all debris removed, then sorted and quality controlled by hand by our highly trained workers. They do a great job ensuring that nothing but the best goes to market.



When our in shell pecan processing is complete, the nuts are perfectly clean and hydrated for the market. We sell them mostly to shelling facilities all across the United States where they are shelled and moved to retail sales. We sell some of our inshell nuts onsite too, so if you want some pecans for your restaurant or for retail, just check out our website store, we look forward to seeing you!